Special Needs Strollers

Convaid, Maclaren, and Drive/Wenzelite offer strollers that provide mobility to children with special needs as they grow.
Often, a standard stroller can be used by small children.
However, as they exceed the standard stroller height or weight limitations, a special needs stroller provides the solution to keeping your child involved and engaged with the world around him.

We handle insurance reimbursements, and deliver in New York and surrounding areas.

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Major Elite Positioning Push Chair
Developed especially for special-needs children, the Maclaren Major Elite Positioning Push Chair meets the needs of parents for an everyday portable stroller to transport their child. The sturdy square-section, aluminum chassis with a metallic silver finish and 7" (18cm) wheels withstand years of rugged service.


Convaid offers top quality folding wheelchairs and strollers for special needs children and adults. They offer many different options to suit different needs: Upright Wheelchairs, Tilt-in-Space Positioning, the Metro Stroller, & Fixed-Tilt Positioning Wheelchairs.

Drive/Wenzelite Trotter

The Trotter provides a special needs stroller solution with the conveniences of a standard stroller. It can accommodate riders from child to small adult while maintaining the ability to fold compactly. It is lightweight and looks like a standard stroller.

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