Medicare Insurance Requirements for Medical Equipment and Supplies at Medical Arts Chemists

We can help with your Medicare, Medicaid, or Insurance claims.

Many surgical and sick room items are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and insurance. We, at Medical Arts, have an experienced, friendly, helpful staff of customer service representatives and medical billers with decades of experience. They are well versed in the necessary procedures to check eligibility and bill your carrier. They will be happy to consult with Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance carriers on your behalf. In addition, our representatives are often in direct contact with our customers' medical teams including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and others to assess your situation. They can check eligibility and handle the necessary paperwork to help get your equipment covered.

Give us a call and see how we can be of service. 1-718-436-6088 or 1-877-267-6070. Please have your insurance ID# available.

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