Maclaren Major Elite Stroller

The Maclaren Major Elite Stroller provides Maclaren famous workmanship
and design in a Special Needs Stroller. Stroller available at our Brooklyn, New York showroom.

Major Elite Positioning Push Chair
Developed especially for special-needs children, the Maclaren Major Positioning Push Chair meets the needs of parents for an everyday portable stroller to transport their child. The sturdy square-section, aluminum chassis with a metallic silver finish and 7" (18cm) wheels withstand years of rugged service. Swivel-front wheels, square-grip handles, detachable footrest with three positions, brakes on each rear wheel, and a five-point safety harness are all standard features. Stroller easily folds to 46" x 9 3/4" x 8 1/4" (117 x 25 x 21 cm) for transport and storage. Accommodates children up to 140 lbs. (631.2kg).


Width of seat 15" (38cm)
Depth of seat 10" (25cm)
Height of seat back 201.2" (52cm)
Height of seat from ground: front/back 23"/19" (56/48cm)
Overall width 21" (53cm)
Height of handles from the ground 41" (104cm)
Distance from edge seat to foot rest: top/middle/bottom 8"/10"/14" (20/26/36cm)

Weight of Stroller: 
without footrest/with foot rest

14-3/4 lbs/16-1/2 lbs (63.4kg/71.2kg)


  • Sunshade
  • Chest Pad
  • Wind/Rain Shield
  • Stroller Boot
  • Shopping Bag
  • Lateral Inserts
  • Reversible Padded Seat

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