Bath Chairs

Bath time should be a pleasant and relaxing time.  Children with special needs may require special equipment to make bathing convenient, enjoyable, and safe.  Bath chairs for special needs children provide a practical and comfortable way of washing the disabled child.  There is no need for awkward or unsafe positioning for the child, or backaches for the caregiver.  The Rifton Bath Chair as well as the Otter Bath Chair and the Dolphin Bath Chair offer convenient means of bathing special needs children in a regular bathtub or shower.  They are supported by the chair, and you can focus on washing them. 

Our professional staff can help you choose the special needs bath chair which most suits your and your child’s needs.  Come visit our showroom, call, or e-mail us so that we can advise you and assist with your insurance reimbursement.  We want you to have the best pediatric bath chair at the best price for you so that you can enjoy a completely different bathing experience.

rifon blue wave bath chair

Rifton Bath Chair

The Rifton Blue Wave Bath Chair includes a tub stand and shower stand. The plastic frame is lightweight and folds flat. Adjustable height and angle, even with a child in the chair.

otter bath chair

Otter Bath Chair

The Otter Bathing System has a plastic frame with removeable, washable polyester knit seat fabric for extra comfort. Seat and back have 5 angle adjustments.

dolphin bath chair

Dolphin Bath Chair

The Dolphin Bath Chair features a light-weight, aluminum frame and quick-drying mesh fabric seat. Back and seat angles adjust separately, with 10 angle positions for back support, and 5 seat tilt positions. Fits standard tubs.

Bath and Shower Chair:  How to Choose one for Your Special Needs Child

Children with special needs, and their parents, face multiple challenges each day.  That's why it is so important for them to have the adaptive equipment that best suits their needs.  There are many different specialized types of equipment available to help individuals with special needs perform activities of daily living easily.  One important example is the bath and shower chair.

Bath time should be a pleasant and relaxing time.  Children with special needs, though, often require special equipment to make it convenient, enjoyable, and safe.  What many people don't realize is that they do not need to purchase an entirely new, specialized bathtub to achieve this.  Specialized bath and shower chairs offer a convenient means of bathing individuals with special needs in a regular bathtub or shower.  These chairs eliminate awkward or unsafe positioning of the child and backaches for the caregiver.  Some shower stand options even transform the bath chair into a mobile chair that conveniently rolls into the shower.  Bath chairs provide a safe, practical, and comfortable way to bathe an individual with special needs.  This way the caregiver can focus on the bathing while the chair safely and comfortably supports the child.

In choosing a bath chair for your child, these are some important questions you may want to consider:

  • Does your child need a chair that is angle adjustable?  If so, does the chair have enough angle adjustment options to suit your child's needs?
  • Does the chair have safety belts to secure your child in the places that he or she most needs support?
  • Does your child need support cushions?  If so, does the placing of the support cushions meet your child's needs?
  • Is the chair available in multiple sizes?  If so, which size is right for your child?
  • Do you need a bath or shower stand?
  • Do you need a mobile chair?
  • Does the chair fit into your tub or shower?
  • Does the chair height allow you to comfortably bathe your child?
  • Do the legs of the chair have a secure, non-slip grip?
  • Is the chair fabric easy to clean and quick drying to promote hygiene and prevent mold growth?
  • Is the frame made of a rust-resistant material such as plastic?
  • Is the chair lightweight enough to allow for easy lifting and transporting?
  • Do you have enough room to store the chair?  If not, does it fold compactly?

By choosing the right bath chair to suit your child's needs, you can greatly increase the safety and comfort of bath time.  Bathing no longer needs to be a complicated, treacherous chore; let it be enjoyable time spent together with your loved one.

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