Otter Bath Chair

The Otter Bath Chair offers a comfortable and convenient means of washing special needs children, helping make bath time a pleasant time. Made by Drive Wenzelite, the Otter Bathing System is an adjustable pediatric bath chair with the option for a tub or shower stand.  A variety of features including slip resistant legs, head cushions, leg straps, and compact storage make this chair a great choice.  This special needs bath seat can even be adjusted while child is seated in it!  The Otter Bath Chair helps to secure children comfortably to make bath time safe and enjoyable for special needs children and their caregivers.

Otter Bath Chair by Drive Wenzelite for special needs children


  • Support, comfort, and safety:
    • Height and width of head cushions are adjustable.
    • Head cushions are usable as side supports.
    • Strap(s) are provided to securely position child’s body
    • Leg straps prevent sliding.
    • Plastic frame is lightweight, sturdy, and rust resistant.
  • Adjustable:
    • Chair legs are slip resistant and can raise chair as much as 7”.
    • Adjustable with child seated in chair.
    • Angle of seat and back can be easily adjusted to five different angles ranging from 0-90 degrees.
    • Can be adjusted with just one hand.
  • Seat fabric options:
    • Standard
    • Soft polyester knit with extra padding.
  • Removable seat fabric:
    • Hygienic, machine washable.
    • Child can be washed while seated on tub floor, using chair back for support.
  • Stand options:
    • Tub Stand
    • Shower Stand
  • 3 sizes available for different ages:
    • Small (weight limit: 60 lbs.)
    • Medium (weight limit: 120 lbs.)
    • Large (weight limit: 160 lbs.)
  • Compact storage- folds flat.
  • Two year limited warranty.


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