Manual Wheelchairs

Before choosing a Manual Wheelchair in New York, examine your needs. Some wheelchairs recline and some tilt. Some Manual Wheelchairs are for pediatric use and some are specialized for sports. Some wheelchairs are Ultralight Weight, and some are Heavy Duty. Whatever your needs may be, contact us so that we can help you find the right Manual Wheelchair. [more about Manual wheelchairs ...]

Standard wheelchair

A comfortable, standard weight wheelchair with armrests and footrests.

Transport Wheelchair

A lightweight, easily portable and foldable wheelchair. Meant to be pushed by caregiver.

Pediatric Wheelchair

A versatile wheelchair made for pediatric users. Available with lightweight or reclining options

Sport Wheelchair

Designed especially for the wheelchair athlete, this wheelchair features improved speed and manoeuvrability and does not have armrests.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair

A durable wheelchair with a weight capacity of 450 or 500 lbs.

Reclining Wheelchair

A wheelchair with a back and headrest which recline up to 180⁰.

Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

The seat back and the seat of this wheelchair tilt backward together, up to 53⁰ or 60⁰.

Lightweight Wheelchair

A standard type of wheelchair with armrests and footrests which weighs less than 36 lbs.

Ultra lightweight Wheelchair

A standard type of wheelchair with armrests and footrests which weighs less than 27 lbs.

About Manual Wheelchairs

Different wheelchair bound people have different mobility needs. There are various Manual Wheelchairs to meet all types of needs. Transport wheelchairs are a convenient, portable, and affordable option for use on short trips. However, their four small wheels do not allow for self-propulsion. Lightweight or Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs are helpful for those who have difficulty maneuvering Standard Weight Wheelchairs. For users with difficulty sitting fully upright, a Reclining Wheelchair may be helpful as the chair back reclines as much as 90⁰. Alternatively, a Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair where the back and seat of the wheelchair tilt, may be suitable for their needs.

The depth, width, and height of the seat as well as the weight capacity of the chair should be carefully chosen to suit the user’s needs.   It is also important to consider whether there is a need for a wheelchair with room for growth.  We at Medical Arts Chemists & Surgicals have been servicing the New York area for years. Our expert and caring staff can assist you in finding the exact Manual Wheelchair for every need and the right Wheelchair Accessories for maximum convenience and comfort.  When ordering a wheelchair to be paid for by insurance, we are experts in dealing with insurance reimbursement and coverage criterion.

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