Upright Wheelchairs

Convaid Upright Strollers/Wheelchairs in three models. Choose between the Convaid EZ Rider, Lite Rider & Convertible models.
Our advisors are available to discuss your specific needs and analyze the type of product that would be most suitable.

EZ Rider

An upright chair (10° fixed tilt) for children and adults who have some upper body control. The EZ Riders come in four sizes from 12 inches wide to 18 inches wide. The EZ Rider 18 (EZ18) will hold up to 250 pounds. Positioning accessories for the upper body are available for those needing some help.


The Convertible is an upright (10° fixed tilt) folding chair with quick release large rear wheels for children and adults who have the ability to self-propel and want the flexibility of going from a dependent to an independent chair. It comes in 4 sizes: CV12, CV14, CV16, and CV18 and is also available in transit models. The weight capacity ranges from 66 pounds to 250 pounds. This chair comes standard with a two-point seat belt. A three-point seat belt (seat belt plus crotch strap) is available at no extra charge but must be ordered at the time the chair is made.

Lite Rider

Lite Rider is Convaid's new, lighter version of the EZ Rider. It features fabric made of finely woven, stain-resistant Pac cloth, while the sleek frame has a gray hammer-tone finish. Rear legs, caster stems, fabric tubes, and axle brackets are made out of lightweight, durable aluminum, making the sturdy new Lite Rider a full 3 lbs. lighter than the EZ Rider. This is an excellent adult travel chair and is available in 12" and 14" models. The Lite Rider's patented design provides maximum comfort and convenience. 

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