Tilt-in-Space Positioning Wheelchair Models

Tilt in Space technology provides for a redistribution of the pressure encountered in regular upright sitting.
Convaid offers technology that allows for tilting and folding in 3 models:
the Safari Tilt, Rodeo, and Mountee.
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Safari Tilt

The Safari Tilt has an adjustable tilt from 5° to 45° and it can be quickly and easily repositioned to the desired angle for eating, sleeping and comfort. For ages 2 - 14. Maximum weight capacity is 175 pounds. It currently comes in four sizes: 12" wide, 14" wide, 16" and 18" wide, and has a wide variety of positioning options and accessories. A recline feature is available as an option. The Safari Tilt comes standard with reinforced back upholstery and a flat planar seat. A crash tested transit model is also available.


The Rodeo tilt-in-space chair has 10°- 45° of adjustable tilt. Key features include an ergonomic, height adjustable handle, angular adjustable footplate, elevating leg rests and an optional tray located under the chair for storing medical necessities and auxiliary equipment. Maximum weight capacity is 170 pounds. It comes in three sizes: RD12, RD14 and RD16. Standard model includes: Adjustable flip-up armrests, 3 point positioning belt, calf panel, elevating leg rest with one-piece footplate, 6" front & 8" rear pneumatic tires. .


The Mountee Seating System is a more aggressive system for a person who needs in-depth positioning for longer periods of sitting.
The Mountee has a solid planar seat and back and attaches to the Safari Tilt Frame, so it offers a tilt adjustment of 5° to 45°.
It offers a complete line of positioning options including adjustable firm lateral trunk supports. The Mountee comes in two sizes: MT12 and MT14, with weight capacities up to 100 pounds. It is also available in a Transit Model.

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