For a person with orthopedic conditions requiring a customized back.

The Cruiser Profiler offers a custom fit with an adjustable contour back and seating system. It has an adjustable strap back system that readjusts for growth or postural changes. This chair is for clients with orthopedic conditions such as severe scoliosis or spinal deformity that require a customized back. It is on a 30° fixed tilt, and comes in two sizes, PR14 and PR16. Maximum capacity is 170 pounds. It is also available in Transit models.


  • Adjustable contour back and seating system
  • Adjustable strap back system readjusts for growth or postural changes
  • Straps conform to shape of back & address rotation issues
  • Removable padded seat cushion


  • Custom fit
  • Customizable positioning
  • Pressure points easily addressed
  • Hand access to back to check for pressure points
  • 30 degree fixed tilt
  • Compact folding & easy to transport
  • Removable/washable fabric
  • Crash tested transit model available

Model Size/ Max. weight:

  • PR 14- 100 lbs/45.5 kg
  • PR 16- 170 lbs/77 kg

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