For a person with little upper body control, and no potential for self-propulsion.

The Cruiser is our most popular chair for children and young adults who have poor upper body control and who may need more involved positioning options. Maximum weight capacity for largest Cruiser (CX18) is 250 pounds.
It currently comes in 5 sizes (10'' wide, 12" wide, 14" wide, 16" wide, 18" wide).
The 30° fixed tilt "cradles" the person and allows gravity to assist in positioning. The person's weight will open the chair wider so that the heavier the person, the more taut and firm the fabric. This design eliminates "buggy slump.".
The Cruiser can be adjusted to fit and grow with the child. It looks like a normal stroller, but has extensive positioning options.


  • Positioning Wheelchair
  • 30-degree fixed tilt
  • Variable back angle


  • 30 degree fixed tilt
  • 85-95 degree seat-to-back angle
  • Compact folding
  • Comprehensive positioning
  • Multiple frame adjustments
  • Removable fabric
  • Crash-tested transit model available

Model Size/ Max. weight:

  • CX 10- 66 lbs/30 kg
  • CX 12- 75 lbs/34 kg
  • CX 14- 100 lbs/45.5 kg
  • CX 16- 170 lbs/77 kg
  • CX 18- 250 lbs/114 kg

  • (Model No. = seat width)

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