Victory 9-PS

The Victory® 9 PS delivers a long list of exciting features including a power elevating seat, low-profile tires, feather-touch disassembly, backlit battery gauge, and wraparound, delta tiller. With all of these luxury touches standard, along with high performance operation and exhilarating style, the Victory 9 PS is a truly exceptional value.


  • Standard power-elevating seat
  • Exclusive one-hand feather-touch disassembly provides the ultimate quick transport system
  • Pride's exclusive stylish, light-weight, low profile, non-scuffing wheels
  • Auto-connecting front-to-rear harness
  • Delta tiller with wraparound handles
  • Long-lasting, high-intensity LED headlight offers optimal pathway illumination
  • Includes pinchless hinges and eight-position seat rotation
  • 300 lbs. Weight capacity

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