Adult nutritionals can be used to supplement nutritional intake and provide extra energy with tasty nutritional shakes.  They can also be used to provide the nutrition of a complete meal for those recovering from or undergoing treatment for illnesses. 

Pediatric nutritionals include nutritional supplements, and regular, hypoallergenic, and other specialty infant formulas.  Pediatric nutritional supplements are available for children who have special dietary needs or are failing to thrive.  A variety of specialty infant formulas are available for babies with special feeding needs. 

At Medical Arts, we carry a variety of adult and pediatric nutritionals.  We do third party billing for adult and specialty pediatric nutrionals.  Many of these products may be reimbursable on some insurance plans with proper diagnoses and documentation. Contact us to help you find the right nutritional to match your needs.

adult nutritional supplements

Adult Nutritonals

Complete meal, supplements, snacks, diabetic nutritionals, protein drinks, and other specialty supplements including Ensure, Boost, TwoCal, Nepro, Glucerna, Promote, Peptamen, Perative, Pulmocare, Jevity, Osmolite, and more.


Pediatric Nutritionals

Supplements for children and toddlers.

Infant Formulas

Infant Formulas

Infant formulas from birth to toddlerhood by Enfamil and Similac.

Nutramigen Formula

Specialty Infant Formulas

Infant formulas for every need, inlcuding preemies, formula for colic by Nutramigen, soy formulas and others from Enfamil and Similac.

hypo-allergenic formula

Hypo-Allergenic Formulas

Based on amino acids instead of whole proteins, these formulas by Elecare and Neocate are made especially for babies and children with special feeding needs.

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