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Roche Glucose Meters

Accu-Chek Aviva System

The Accu-Chek Aviva System is a new, hand-held blood glucose meter which is fast and accurate.


  • Test reminders are audible
  • Features can be customized
  • Fast and accurate
  • Memory stores 500 values
Accu-Check Aviva Glucose Meter

Accu-Chek Compact Plus System

The Accu-Chek Compact Plus System is a novel and convenient glucose meter which does not require strip use.


  • No coding
  • Test strip cartridge
  • Bright characters for simple reading
  • One-handed usage
  • Removable lancing device
Accu-Check Compact Plus System

Bayer Glucose Meters

Breeze® 2

The Breeze® 2 Blood Glucose Meter uses one disc for every ten tests, and doesn't require strips at all.


  • No strips required
  • No-coding for improved accuracy
  • User friendly
  • Provides quick results
Bayer Breeze 2 Glucose Meter


The Contour® Blood Glucose Meter allows high and low settings to be personalized to help you set your own glycemic target and increase the likelihood of keeping your blood sugar stable.


  • High and low settings can be personalized
  • Audible reminders for before and after meal testing
  • No-Coding feature reduces steps, thereby improving accuracy
Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter

Abbott Glucose Meters

FreeStyle Freedom Lite® Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The FreeStyle Freedom Lite® Blood Glucose Monitoring System can be held and read easily, and offers helpful features for monitoring diabetes.


  • Accurate and simple testing
  • Large-size numeric display
  • No coding
  • Smallest blood sample requirement in the world
Abbott FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

FreeStyle Lite® Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The FreeStyle Lite® Blood Glucose Monitoring System is small, discreet and offers helpful features for monitoring diabetes.


  • No coding
  • Discreet
  • Smallest blood sample requirement in the world
  • Port light for test strips
  • Backlight
Abbott FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Precision Xtra® Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

The Precision Xtra® Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System offers easy testing of ketones and blood sugar with one meter.


  • Simple menus
  • Easy monitoring
  • Intuitive setup
  • Same test strips and meter measure ketones and blood sugar
Abbott Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

LifeScan One Touch® Glucose Meters

Lifescan One Touch® Ultra Mini®

The One Touch® Ultra Mini® Blood Glucose Meter is so small, it can fit in your pocket.


  • Pocket sized
  • Simple navigation
  • Memory capabilities hold 500 tests
Lifescan One Touch Ultra Mini Glucose meter

One Touch® Ultra® 2

The One Touch® Ultra® 2 Blood Glucose Monitor makes blood sugar monitoring simple and quick with results in only 5 seconds.


  • Meal averages for both before and after meals
  • One week, two week, and one month averages to help with monitoring
  • Download port
  • Large memory
  • Large screen
  • Back light for result reading, day or night
Lifescan One Touch Ultra 2

One Touch® UltraSmart®

The One Touch® Ultra Smart® Blood Glucose Meter helps make diabetes tracking easier.


  • Makes monitoring diabetes easier
  • Organizes blood glucose results into charts
  • Quick entries for health, exercise, food, and medication
Lifescan One Touch UltraSmart Glucose Meter

One Touch® Select®

The One Touch® Select® Blood Glucose Meter offers simple and accurate testing.


  • Easy to use
  • Results are ready in five seconds
  • Accurate results
  • Large screen provides simple directions
  • Easy to read
  • Automatic one week, two week, and one month averages
Lifescan One Touch Select

Nipro Glucose Meters


The TRUEtrack® Glucose Meter provides clinically accurate and quick results in just 10 seconds!


  • Blood sample requirement is very small- only 1 microleter!
  • Meter turns on automatically when the strip is inserted
  • Choice of testing on forearm or fingertip
  • Memory holds 365 tests as well as averages for two weeks and one month
  • Large display makes it simple to read and operate
Nipro TrueTrack Blood Glucose Meter


The TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meter is an affordable travel glucometer which is available in a choice of colors.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results - even for inexperienced users
  • Display is easy to read
  • Memory storage of up to 99 tests
  • Button for strip release
Nipro TRUE2go Glucose Meter


TRUEbalance™ System offers accurate and simple testing.


  • No coding
  • 10 second results
  • Blood sample requirement of only one microliter
  • Memory storage for 365 tests
  • Ability to download test results to your computer
Nipro TRUEbalance Glucose Meter


Blood Glucose Meters, also known as Glucometers or Blood Glucose Monitors help diabetic patients keep track of their glycemic index and adjust their diet accordingly. A glucometer is available with or without the need for strips, in various different sizes and memory capacities. They come with charting options, with no-coding options, and with capabilities to be attached to your computer. Technological advances allow for easy and accurate testing, even with a blood sample requirement as small as one microleter! Choose from our wide variety of Blood Glucose Meters today, including the: AccuChek® Glucometer, One Touch® Glucometer, and Contour® Glucometer among others, or contact us to help you find the one most suited to your needs. In addition, we carry matching strips and lancet devices as well as alcohol an swabs.

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