EasyStand Evolv Stander

EasyStand Evolv Stander

Standing has been shown to have health, social, and cognitive benefits for children. EasyStand Evolv is a modular stander which helps children with the transition from sitting to standing in addition to serving as a supine stander.  The stander offers various positioning options.  By alternating between them, children can stand for longer amounts of time.  In addition, the transfers are easier and safer, increasing the likelihood that the child will agree to stand.


  • Adjustable:
    • Back angle is adjustable while user is standing, giving an exact fit.
    • Adjustable settings allow for multiple users.
    • Adjustable footplates lock to remain securely in place.
    • Seat depth adjusts easily without tools.
    • Growth kit available to convert this into a large Evolv stander for a child who has outgrown the medium size.
    • Front pad and molded tray are depth and height adjustable and are secured with levers.
  • Accessible for safe and easy transfers:
  • Patient lift accessible.
  • Frame is designed to allow a wheelchair to be moved close enough to the Stander for a user with enough upper body strength to transfer themself independently.
  • Lateral transfers are easy and safe with the 20” seat width offering extra transfer surface.
  • Adjustable kneepads flip away to provide extra room in transfers.
  • Options for removable back or swing away front allow for easier transfers.
  • Convenient use and positioning:
    • The EasyStand Evolv allows the user to switch from standing to resting without being moved off the stander.  This allows the patient to stand for short periods of time, but still have a total standing time which is long enough to improve bone density and provide other health benefits associated with standing.
    • Actuator pump has been moved to ease the first pumps-to-standing for users with limited strength.
    • Evolv hip pivot point aligns with that of the user.  When patient is positioned properly, supports will stay in place from sitting to standing.
  • Promotes independence:  Patients can shift to a standing position using the manual hydraulic actuator or the optional power button.
  • Choice of various different backs and other options to fit the Evolv EasyStand to your specific needs.
  • Back angle indicator.
  • Wheels allow EasyStand Evolv to be moved easily.  They can also be locked securely for transfers or when patient is stationary.
  • For children 4’0”-5’6” and up to 200 lbs.

Available Accessories

  • The Shadow Tray offers a supportive front pad and activity tray making it a great option for children who require extra upper body and trunk positioning.  The tray moves with the child as they shift into a standing position, offering frontal support and tray accessibility while sitting, standing, and anywhere in between.  The Shadow Tray serves as a great surface for books allowing your child to use the stander as a desk in school.
  • The Mobile Option is intended for children who have the ability to propel a wheelchair.  The Evolv Stander with Mobile Option gives them the opportunity to move themselves around while upright.  They can explore their surroundings, participate in physical education, and even help do the dishes!  This increased independence is wonderful for enhancing your child’s self-esteem.  Features wheel locks for ease of transfer and for use when child is standing in one place.

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