EasyStand Bantam Stander

easystand bantam stander

EasyStand Bantam is a new unique type of stander which helps children with the transition from sitting to standing in addition to serving as a supine stander.  The stander offers various positioning options.  By alternating between them, children can stand for longer amounts of time.  In addition, the transfers are easier and safer, increasing the likelihood that the child will agree to stand.

Positioning Options

  • 90/90 sitting- Convenient height for transfer to wheelchair.  Good position as a transition to standing.  Optional tray serves as a desk.
  • Anterior Tilt- Allows partial weight bearing in a functional semi-sitting position.  Good position for task performance or joining the family at the table during mealtime.
  • Upright Standing- Regular standing position at eye level to peers with support ranging from minimal to maximum.
  • Extra Positions Available with Supine Option:
    • Supine with Knee and Hip Flexion-   Semi-reclining position which allows for knee/hip contractures and for rest before returning to a standing position.
    • Supine Standing-   With the EasyStand at a slightly backward tilt, even those with moderate to severe paresis/ paralysis can stand.  Helps with emerging upper body and head control.
    • Full Supine Lying- Lets child rest completely before returning to a standing position.  Good for completely supine transfers.

Available Accessories

  • The Mobile Option is intended for children who have the ability to propel a wheelchair.  The Bantam Stander with Mobile Option gives them the opportunity to move themselves around while upright.  They can explore their surroundings, participate in physical education, and reach games on shelves.  This increased independence is wonderful for enhancing your child’s self-esteem.  Features wheel locks for ease of transfer and for use when child is standing in one place.

  • The Shadow Tray offers a supportive front pad and activity tray making it a great option for children who require extra upper body and trunk positioning.  The tray moves with the child as they shift into a standing position, offering frontal support and tray accessibility while sitting, standing, and anywhere in between.

    The Shadow Tray serves as a great surface for toys and books!  Standing while engaging in activities can cause standing to be more enjoyable, thereby increasing your child’s interest in standing.  The Tray is removable and adjustable in height, depth, and angle to serve your child’s individual needs in the best possible way.

Available Sizes

Extra Small- for children up to 50 lbs. and 28”-40” tall

Small- for children up to 100 lbs. and 36”-54” tall

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