Wenzelite Posterior Safety Roller

The Wenzelite Posterior Safety Roller is a four-wheeled special needs walker featuring one directional rear wheels, which can be detached to allow mobility in two directions.  The wide array of available accessories allows you to “customize” this walker to your child’s needs.  Take it with you when you travel- this walker folds easily allowing your child the chance to walk when you’re away, too.

Wenzelite Posterior Safety Roller


  • Child stands in center of walker for better posture and maximum support.
  • Easy rolling, skid resistant, non-scratch wheels.
  • Adjustable height in 1” increments.
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Steel frame.
  • Easy folding.  Stands on own while folded.
  • Models Available:
    • Tyke:  weight limit 100 lbs. 
    • Pediatric:  weight limit 200 lbs.  
  • Limited lifetime warranty.





Wire basket mounts on outside of handlebar with clips.

walker basket


Weight on the seat automatically locks brakes on the Safety Roller.  Seat folds when not needed.

walker seat

Width Adjustable Seat

Seat width is adjustable to accommodate Safety Rollers with different widths.  Weight on the seat automatically locks brakes on the Safety Roller.  Seat folds when not needed.

walker width adjustable seat

Extended Uprights

Extends height of walker up to 47”.


IV Pole

Telescoping pole with mounting bracket.

walker IV pole

Oxygen Holder

walker IV pole

Dial-A-Speed Tabs

Partial brake to help control walker speed.  Independent adjustment of each side helps align uneven gait patterns.

walker speed tabs

Swivel Wheel Locking Brackets

These brackets lock the front wheels to prevent swiveling and ensure straight walking.  Brackets unlock easily to enable increased maneuverability.  For better control and maneuverability, there is an option to lock just one wheel.

Walker Swivel Wheel Locking Brackets

Forearm Platform

The forearm platform consists of a comfortable, contoured armrest with Velcro straps to hold the arm in place, and a handgrip at an adjustable angle.  It offers various positioning options including:  adjustable height, angle, and inward/outward rotation.  Made of lightweight aluminum, the forearm platform is mountable anywhere along the inside or outside of the handlebar.

Walker Forearm Platform

Ankle Prompts

Ankle Prompts prevent feet from crossing and control length of strides.  Helpful for patients with poor motor control, spasticity, and ataxia.

Walker Ankle Prompts

Trunk Support

The trunk support wraps around the patient to provide trunk stability.  It features a padded back, front, and sides.  Sides are width adjustable.  Front pad has adjustable straps to secure patient and provide maximum support.  Depth and height are adjustable.   Mounts on handlebar.  Helpful for users with poor balance or trunk control, ataxia, or weakness.

Walker Trunk Support

Pelvic Stabilizer

The Pelvic Stabilizer has a support belt and is width adjustable.  Helpful for patients with uneven posture which makes them unable to remain centered in the walker.

walker pelvic stabilizer

Positioning Bar

Mountable on handlebar.  Can be moved easily to adjust depth of handlebar.  For use with or without the pelvic stabilizer.

Walker Positioning Bar

Vertical Handgrips

These handgrips have a 45 degree angle and can extend up or down.   Each side can be adjusted independently to stop anywhere between 45 degrees up and 45 degrees down, for maximum comfort.  Helpful for patients who cannot hold onto a regular handlebar.

Walker Vertical Handgrips

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