Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker

The Nimbo Leightweight Posterior Posture Walker by Wenzelite is a four-wheeled special needs walker which can be used in the anterior or posterior positions.  The wide array of available accessories allows you to “customize” this walker to your child’s needs.  It folds easily, making it a great walker to take along with you when you travel.

Nimbo Lightweight Posture Walker


  • Wheels are made of soft rubber and will not allow walker to slide backwards.
  • Rear wheels work in one direction only.  Override bracket allows wheels to move in two directions.
  • Front wheels swivel for easier turning.  Includes easy to use lock to stop swiveling as needed.
  • Easy rolling, skid resistant, non-scratch wheels.
  • Adjustable height in 1” increments.
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Handgrips.
  • Aluminum brightly colored frame.
  • Easy folding for easy transporting.
  • Models Available:  Tyke, Junior, Youth , and Young Adult Sizes
  • Three year limited warranty.





Pelvic Stabilizer

The pelvic stabilizer is beneficial for patients who cannot stay in the center of the walker due to crooked posture while standing or walking.  It consists of a back and side pads with a support buckle in the front.  Width is adjustable

walker pelvic stabilizer

Nimbo Forearm Platform

The Nimbo Forearm Platform consists of a contoured armrest with Velcro straps to hold arms in place, and angle adjustable handgrips.  Height and depth are adjustable too.  Mountable inside or outside the handlebar.  Made of lightweight aluminum.  Available in sizes small and large.

nimbo forearm platform

Seat Harness

This comfortable seat harness assists in weight bearing, can be used as a safety sling, and helps with proper pelvic positioning.  It moves with the user’s walking pattern and allows user to shift weight from one leg to another.  Strap length and position are adjustable.  Available in sizes small and large.

walker seat harness


This seat is mountable on the Nimbo walker and available in four sizes to fit the Tyke, Junior, Youth, and Young Adult Nimbo Walkers.  The seat is left in the folded position while standing or walking, and opened for convenient seating.

nimbo walker seat

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