Kaye Posture Control Walkers

Kaye Posture Control Walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize your child's potential for walking. The Kaye Walkers all fold for easier storage and transportation to keep up with a child's busy schedule.

Two-Wheeled Walker

The Kaye 2-Wheeled Walkers provides extra drag for users who cannot manage a walker that rolls forward as they shift their weight forward.

This walker features two wheels in the front of the walker and two crutch tips in rear of walker to limit forward motion.

picture of kaye 2 wheel walker

Four-Wheeled Walker

The Kaye 4-Wheeled Walkers allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward.

This helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use, and step and stride length.

It is equipped with one-way ratchet rear wheels, to help prevent the walker from rolling backwards and away from the user.

picture of kaye foru wheel walker

Swivel-Wheeled Walker

The Kaye Swivel-Wheeled Walkers have four wheels with front wheels swiveling.

The Swivel wheels can be locked in the forward-only direction.

The swivel wheels allows the user to turn without having to lift and reposition the walker.

The amount of swivel can be limited by adding Kaye Swivel Limiters (see option).

picture of kaye swivel walker

Optional Swivel Limiter

The optional Kaye Swivel Limiters, model WSL-1 can be added to limit swivel travel on any Kaye Posture Control or PostureRest Walker with swivel wheels or any Kaye Anterior Chest Support Walker. Without the swivel limiter, the swivel wheels can swivel 360 degrees. Adding the WSL-1 limits the amount of swivel for users who cannot manage free swiveling.

kaye swivel limiter

Kaye PostureRest Walkers with Seats

These walkers include seats that fold up or down, for walking or sitting.

They are designed as temporary seats for users who may lack the stamina to stand or walk for long periods.

Note that the seats should only be used when the walker is stationary.

These should not be used as a replacement for wheelchairs, strollers, or similar devices.

picture or kaye posture rest walker


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